Patrons of the Society

Mr. D. Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. D. Batchelor
Mr. and Mrs. P. Batchelor
Mr. R. Beaugié
Mr. and Mrs. J. Bredbere
Mrs. M. Capey
Mrs. C. Castle
Miss. P. Chedgey
Ms. H. Clements
Mr. H. Cooper
Mr. P. Davison
Mr. C. Dawes
Mr. E. Demery
Mrs  R. Field
Mr. K. Ford
Mr. and Mrs. B.P. Gillard
Mrs  L. Gladstone
Rt Hon.  D. Green, M.P.
Mrs  M.  Hanbury
Mr. R. Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. M. House
Mrs. J. Johnson
Mrs. A. Kenwright
Mrs.  E. Maindron
Mr. W. Michael
Mr. and Mrs.  A. Paterson
Mrs. S. Powell
Mr. and Mrs. J. Rogers
Prof. B.S.  Rosner
Dr. L. Saint
Mrs. I. Shaw
Miss. M. Shorthouse
Mrs. D. Strode
Mrs. H. Stuart-Smith
Mrs. G. Tarrant
Mr. and Mrs.  J. Tattersfield
Mr. M. Walker
Mrs. M. Wells
Mrs. J. White
Mr. and Mrs. D. Worsley

As at 15 August 2021

Honorary Life Member: Dr. Mark Deller – Conductor Emeritus, Mrs Hilary Masters

We gratefully acknowledge the generous financial assistance given by our Patrons.

Anyone interested in becoming a Patron or being on a mailing list should contact the Hon. Secretary: Virginia Brown, 127 Sweet Bay Crescent, Ashford, Kent TN23 3HL or email As well as supporting the Society’s concerts, for an annual subscription of £30 or more, Patrons have priority booking for all concerts, and the opportunity to participate in social functions of the Society.